Supply Chain Management (SCM)

“Vaxia delivers not only MRO products – we work to deliver Supply Chain efficiency”

MRO as a complex spend category:

Complexity in the supply chain of industrial consumables is the result of a complex sourcing process: thousands of products, multiple processes and a highly fragmented supplier base. Keeping track of individual transactions becomes increasingly painful and visibility into inventory is a never-ending challenge.

With constant pressure of cost control, supplier compliance and timely delivery, the slightest lapse in the process execution can hurl an entire organization into severe consequences - like disruption of manufacturing due to non-availability of critical equipment or incurring a non-moving inventory pile.

Vaxia’s aggregation model shows how cost control, inventory optimization and supplier risk elimination are possible through a holistic approach to MRO procurement. Our focus is mainly on bringing in process simplification and spend transparency, together which maximize the Supply Chain efficiency:

  • Single supplier benefits (procure and pay at one stop)
  • Visibility into spends
  • Live inventory tracking
  • 100% supplier compliance